Some Previous Conversions:

* 12A & 13B into Westfields
(Very Quick)

* 12A & 13B into RWD Escorts
(Ideal for Rallying)

* Rover V8 into Mazda MX5

* 13B Twin Turbo into RX7 Cabriolet

* Honda V6 24V into Rover 200

* Vauxhall V6 24V into First Generation RX7

* Several Front to Rear Drive conversions

Engine Conversions
WGT has undertaken many engine conversions over the years, a list of some of our projects are shown on the left.

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Northwich World February 26th 1982 (PDF Document)

That was the year that was! As you can see from the hair cut this wasn't yesterday but yesteryear! Can you guess the date?...
It was February 26th 1982 when WGT Auto Developments were the first to put a Mazda rotary engine in a Ford Mk2 Escort rally car.

Belgian RX8 race car
RX7 Turbo 2

Rotary engine installation
Martin and Carol Thompson on the 1982 Cambian Rally Wales

One of WGT's Current rotary engine powered MK2 Ford Escorts (Successful Irish Tarmac Cars)
Photo courtesy of Tyson